Kathy Austin at McLean Mortgage Corporation has developed a culture described with two words, helping and teamwork. We work as a team with each client so that we can help them achieve their goals with minimal stress.

We are here to help our clients every step of the way through the loan process.


A home is not only where you lay your head and raise your family, a home is a vital component of a diversified financial portfolio.

Owning a home is an integral step in attaining wealth and achieving long term financial goals. 

With changing markets; Nationally, Globally, Housing, Economic, it is imperative that a client retains a Mortgage Banker who keeps abreast of and incorporates these into a holistic wealth management approach. 

Only 1% of Mortgage Lenders/Bankers are Certified Mortgage Planning Specialists (CMPS). This is an extensive education process which includes, Economics, Tax Planning and Implications, Financial Analysis, Estate Planning, Ethics and Legal Compliance. It requires a higher level of personal and professional accountability. It is not required in the Mortgage Industry but voluntarily attained. Kathy Austin, CMPS possesses this designation because her clients deserve it.